24.11.2013 ploy podcast
treestudio, zurich, switzerland

07.12.2013 ploy live
klubi, zurich, switzerland


pushing the edges and overstepping the boundaries again and again, that's the motivation of ron rjega. living this credo day by day, every production gets its unique touch and bursts with innovative elements and combinations. being inspired by all sorts of music, also fun and a lot of humor can be found at any moment in rjega's music. looking back at over a decade of music production in various formations, the aspect of intense live performance gets into focus. it seems, that not only rjega's musical energy is extracted into his tunes, it is unveiled live on stage even more so. "performing live is the max!" says rjega, "my music is never more intense as while it is interacting with the people on the dancefloor! you are part of it!!" 

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